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Kids Protection Plan®

The Kids Protection Plan® is designed to give you peace of mind knowing that your children will be taken care of if something happens to you.

With a Kids Protection Plan®, you will name Permanent Guardians (i.e., the person(s) you want to permanently care for your minor child(ren) upon death or incapacity) as well as Short-Term Guardians (i.e., someone who lives close by and can care for your child(ren) until the person you named as Permanent Guardian arrives.)

The Kids Protection Plan® also provides you with a Medical Power of Attorney for your minor child(ren) that will identify people whom you authorize to make health care decisions for your minor child(ren) in the event you are unable to do so yourself. It also provides instructions for your child(ren)'s caregivers and guardians detailing your wishes for your child(ren)'s care and guidance regarding your beliefs about finances, education, religion and discipline, childrearing practices, financial decisions, and anything else important to you.

Finally, the Kids Protection Plan® provides your Temporary Guardians with wallet cards that give the guardians access to the pertinent medical and legal documents needed to ensure that your minor child(ren) receive the best care in case of a medical emergency.

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